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Is it necessary to do a special stitch or spacing to facilitate a fold over for a flap on a bag?  The canvas is 18 x18, but i want the finished bag to be 12 x 18 wide with a 6" flap.
Thank you.

Hi Paula,

Needlepoint finishing is not one of my strengths, especially construction of a hand bag or carry satchel of some sort.

Allow me to ask if you are using tent stitch, or other decorative stitches on the canvas?  Also, I would like to know what the canvas gauge is...?

Without knowing those, I will answer that most of your finished canvases, after being washed and blocked, can be treated like most any heavier textile.  Once the sizing is washed out, the finished canvas loses much if its stiffness, so it really will behave like a thick, upholstery fabric.

If I haven't been able to answer your question, please let me know more about your project and I will see what other help I can provide.


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