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QUESTION: Hi ,Henry--  got your email-- have been sidetracked finishing a birthday gift for our grand daughter.  Now I can get to work on stitching,  AND you will be the very first to see the end results!!  After all, without you it would not have been possible  :-)

ANSWER: Ahh, excellent to hear.  No hurries, no worries, I was just checking... :-)

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New stitching
New stitching  
New stitching
New stitching  
QUESTION: Hi Henry- stitching is slow but taking great care to line up holes in both canvases.  I can only work so long, then my eyes are spinning!!  I took piece to upholsterer who marked where he wants me to fill in, so that prevents any future unpleasant surprises . :-). In some light the color match is almost exact, but overall not bad considering the piece is about 35 yrs old.  I will attach couple of pics, then will send grand finale pics.... Someday soon I hope!!
PS-  I anchored the lower right corner ( one of your areas of concern) by using one strand of yarn and stitching across the old & new stitches ( like rungs on ladder)-- seems to be very secure & not noticeable.  So far so good I think, all thanks to you!!

ANSWER: Hi Terry,

Sorry to take so long!  Good to hear you're making progress towards the finish line.  Yes, just take your time and get it right the first time; don't want to come this far and have to redo a bunch just because you tried to rush it.

Matching colors is so difficult.  Even from batch to batch, the colors can be slightly different.  If you look at the skeins, you'll see a dye lot number;  that's so that people can buy enough threads for a project from the same lot.  I even see people in some of the needlepoint forums seeking specific dye lot threads because they did not get enough thread for a project.  Additionally, exposure to light and the elements will fade the colors over time, so it can be near impossible to match colors on older pieces.

The slight difference in color will just have to serve as a reminder of the awesome job you did in repairing the piece yourself!

I really am looking forward to seeing the finished piece!

I will be heading out of town for a few days, and I will not have any access to email until next Monday.  So, if you finish up before then (which I don't want you to rush to do), I will have to check it out next week.

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Almost done
Almost done  
QUESTION: Hi Henry-  as you can see, I have only a small square area to stitch, then DONE!!  I am ready to be finished for sure.  The thread is darker but OH well.  It is actually a perfect match when compared to the back, but of course there has been fading on the front after 30+ years..  I want you to know how grateful I am to you for your patient, thorough, expert advice and guidance during this process.  I could never have done it without you--
If you have any last minute suggestions, please let me know; otherwise I will finish and take to the upholsterer later this week or early next week.

Hi Terry,

That's looking great!  Yeah, color matching is hard with old pieces due to the fading and oxidation of the original dyes.  It will just have to be a reminder of naughty puppy's early days... :-)

Nothing more to suggest at this point, except contemplating whether you want to clean the piece before you have the upholsterer finish his work.  Just much easier to clean when it is off the piece.  It's really your call...

So glad to see it near completion, and glad it all worked out for you!


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