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Hello Rhett, how are you doing ? Not sure if this is the right field, but my question is,should you tell
A company that you have no interest at all to renew a contact or wait till your contract is up, which minds doesn't end till June 2014, which I have tried, and tried, and tried to get out if it, they will not let me, plus there not much of a cancelation policy, it's for a gym membership that I go to. Thank you.

Hi Chris

I believe the key issue is what you agreed to when you became a member. Was there some paperwork that you went over and signed before the membership was started?

I assume there probably was, and the reality is these contracts are written in the best interest of the gym, not you. In contract law, we call them adhesion contracts, which don't give you as the member much of an opportunity to negotiate the terms, if at all.

I would go over the agreement and see if there are any exceptions or penalties to canceling early. If so, make note of them and speak to a manager about your need to stop. He or she should realize that if the gym is not meeting your needs, as a business it is in their best interest to let you out. Otherwise, they are going to have an unhappy customer who is likely going to tell other potential customers about their rigid no cancelation policy...and that makes for bad business. Remind them (tactfully, of course) of this truth and ask them to help you.

The only other option I can think of is canceling the payment method they are using to charge you. However, be careful here because if you agreed to something, even if its unfair, you still are obligated to complete it. I would use this as a last resort and only if there are other factors which would warrant it.

Negotiation in these kinds of issues helps in a huge way - if the other side can see you are trying to help them as you help yourself, chances are it will work out.

Hope this is helpful,


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