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Hey Rhett! So me and my buddy Alex Recently started a local Screenprinting shop where we've been making t-shirts. We have a crazy amount of ambition but we are also both very new to the field. What are some of the first steps we need to take to eventually become the next Nike? how do we get our product in with retailers?

Thanks for the question, Tanner.

Good to hear from a fellow entrepreneur! You definitely have the most important ingredient: drive (or ambition, vision, etc.) Keep the passion no matter what happens and you will succeed.

There are many important steps to business success, but I believe the single most important element is MARKETING. Become the best marketer you can be, pour your energy and passion into marketing and your business will progress. Sadly, many people simply view this step as a necessary "expense" and hire the cheapest they can find to do the absolute minimum.

Big mistake.

You must train in marketing, practice marketing, and use a portion of every dollar you make to market if you will have a thriving business. must do the marketing yourself, not others. Why? Because it is the most vital part of business, and if you pass it along to $10 an hour newbie, you will get mediocre, or even poor marketing.

Your question of getting in with retailers is a key question, and it happens by - you guessed it - marketing. I don't know the ins and outs of securing a deal with a big box retailer, but I do know the path there will follow your marketing efforts.

My personal take on getting contracts is that there is really only one way that works - you must go, in person, to meet with decision-makers of potential outlets for your product. If you just write letters or send emails or make phone calls, I think your chances of landing a good working relationship are very slim.

People do business with people. If someone likes you, believes in you, and trust you, chances are they will DO BUSINESS WITH YOU. Don't leave that crucial step to a quick, faceless email. Go in person, and tell them your passion and what you can, and will do.

My best


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