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Dear mr. Korgaokar,
I work in a animal welfare charity in Finland and I'm writing an article about animals in tourism which will be published in our non-profit magazine. I saw your magnificent photos in Is it possible to use your photos in my article?

Best regards,
Maria Lindqvist
SEY Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare

Hello Maria,

You are most welcome to use them - provided you give me the acknowledgement. I'm not looking for any monetary benefit and I'm happy if my photos are of use to anyone especially an animal charity welfare organisation. I think you are doing a magnificent job and God's work.

However, I was not able to access the site that you have mentioned in your question. Can you please send me the link to this site to my email -

These photos were probably downloaded without my knowledge from my Flickr! album. You will probably get better resolution pictures directly from the album the link for which I will send you when you send me an email with the link.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Nilesh Korgaokar  


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