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Myself PRATHEEK,age 18.I need to travel to nepal.I am coming from bangalore in the month of may. I want to see all the places in nepal. I want to stay there for one week. I am coming as traveller not as a tourist. can you help in giving travelling plans. And another important thing it should not be expensive too.

Please buy a good travel book on Nepal - Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Lets Go are recommended. In it you will find enough information to plan your holiday. Your question is too personalized for me to answer as I do not know your likes and dislikes. Hope you understand.



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budget travel in India, off-beat locations, beaches on the west coast, backpacking, travelled extensively all over India, Nepal, Tibet and China during my Army career. Willing to assist travellers, especially yougsters, in their travel plans. Recommendations, locations, etc.


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