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Nephrology/chronic renal insufficiency


Adam wrote at 2013-04-16 10:14:07
I am a post transplant survivor but with limied function due to a mishap post op. Nonetheless I pay very close attention to my blood chemistry as I have for nearly a decade which I also have checked 6 times per year. firstly a small elevation in the creatinine lwvwl from one test is no cause for alarm, I would generally say. There are any number of factors which may have contributed to this slight elevation including a variety of food intake or even some medication routines. Nonetheless I would keep these figures for future reference and compare them again to the next test. A word of advide, which should assist with your glycated Hb levels (Hba1c) and the Creatine clearance, is to flush the body a bit more with plenty of plain water. "the solution to pollution is dilution!" this helps your kidneys function and will remove some of the byrden created by the body's toxins.  


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