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Respected Sir,
        I am 66(Male),. In a routine check up(No ABNORMALITY OF ANY KIND)my Serum Creatinine level was found to be 1.64 mg/dl(higher) and my Serum Urea was 23.50 mg/dl. Although my Family Physician is saying it is not abnormal,he advised me to consult a Nephrologist. What is the implication ,what precaution and medicine I should take to bring down Creatinine Level?
  I am taking Blood pressure Medicines (Attenolol-25)and Losartan-25 one each daily to control my BP. Also I take Statin-5 mg and Fenofibrate-60 mg daily one tablet to control my lipid profiles.I walk a lot and do regularly exercise.Please help

you most likely have chronic kidney disease aka CKD likely stage III. Your kidneys are not functioning at normal which is most likely from damage caused by high blood pressure in your case. Your medications are appropriate. Your nephrologist will likely order a kidney ultrasound and few blood tests such as pth level and vitamin D level. These tests are standard workup of kidney disease.

Although you have mild kidney dysfunction the creatinine level is not alarming and can be managed by good blood pressure control and medications.  


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