I read conflicting reports on gfr in men over 70.natl kidney assoc does not recommend gfr in men over 70,because they say it is off by 30%and leads to putting normal kidney into desease stage.several top kidney doctors say protein in urine more important then serum creatinine gfr.doctors push gfr in men over 70 even though it is not validated and in elderly over 70 does not give correct diagnose.what the heck am I supposed to  80 and never had any protein in urine?my last gfr was 47 which doctor took without my knowledge

Hi Franklin,

GFR is simply a calculation based on several blood tests and has to be evaluated on a case by case basis. It is true that GFR formula has not been validated for the very young or the very old.
If you are 80 , have no protein in the urine then this is likely age related decline in kidney function and not concerning.

In my opinion you can ignore the GFR and continue to take good care of your health. Additional work up is not indicated simply because of low GFR in your case.

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