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Nephrology/fertility at 20-25% kidney function


My husband is in renal failure caused by high blood pressure. he is 42 years old. His kidneys are functioning at 20-25% (as of May, 2013)We have had two children, our first child was born severely premature and lived for two weeks (Oct.2008) We concieved our son on the first try, about three months later (Jan.2009) Also premature, but lived and is healthy! I have P.C.O.S and lost a lot of weight an finally after 2 1/2 years (after losing 98lbs)became pregnant with first.
We are trying again and I have lost 70lbs, am on clomid and ovulating. This is the first cycle and I did not become pregnant.(I do understand there is only a 25% chance each month) my question is, could my husband's fertility be an issue? His kidneys were fine in 2007, he had a test to see if a tumor on the adrenal gland could be causing the high blood pressure. In 2011, he had a stroke, which is how we found out he was in stage 4 renal failure. At that point, he was at 30-35% kidney function. Blood pressure is stable. So he lost about 10% kidney function in about 1 year....He is able to perform sexually, no problems with erection or ejaculation.

Lab results in May 2013:
Glucose mg/dL 97
BUN mg/dL 38H
Creatinine mg/dL2.92H
Sodium mmol/L 138
Potassium mmol/L 4.2
Choride mmol/L 105
Carbon Dioxide mmol/L 19L
calcium mg/dl  9.5
corrected calciummg/dL 9.2
Phosphorus mg/dL 4.4
albumin g/dL 4.4
BUN: Creatinine ratio 13
Anion Gap mmol/L 14
estimated GFR mL/min/1.73mE2  26L

white blood count  7.0
red blood count 3.99L
hemoglobin 12.8
hematocrit% 36.8
MCV fL 92
MCH pg 32.1
mchc 34.8
rdw% 13.5
platelet count x10E3/uL  203
neutrophlls% 60
lymphocytes % 28
monocytes% 9
eosinophils % 3
basophils% 0
neutrophills (abs)x10E3/uL  4.2
lymphocytes "  "  1.9
monocytes  "   "  0.6
eosinophils   "  "  0.2
basophils "   "   0.0
immature granulocytes%  0
immature grans  0.0

creatinine, urine mg/dL
protein, urine  18.1H
protein:creatinine ratio mg/g 145

My husband is taking blood pressure meds and sodium bicarb 2x daily. He gets tired, muscle fatigue, some muscle spasms, swelling in legs. Sometimes he takes tonic water and vitamin e if he has spasms.

We are going to try preseed fertile lubricant in case his sperm are having problems with motility. Is there anything he can take to help with fertility that will not hurt kidney function?
We are going to continue trying to concieve for one more year, or until he starts dialisys (because this causes/or at this point men are sterile?). I have read where his fertility MAY be effected because of kidney failure. Is that ALL males in kidney failure, a certain percentage? Is it absolute, probable, or maybe?
Any information I can get on male fertility in stage 4 renal failure would be helpful! Thank you for your time!


Thanks for asking my opinion on Allexperts.

Fertility may be affected because your husband is suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). The best way to find this out is to get a semen analysis done.

If the sperm count or motility are affected, you can try IUI - Intra uterine insemination. Good Luck!


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