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I have suffered of kidney stones for some years, and the laboratory determined that in my
case they are formed mainly by uric acid. I have been taken Potassium Citrate to lower my
blood acidity.  In addition I have been taken lime juice (the juice of 6 limes a day) for
about a 1 1/2 year.  A friend of mine said that in some cases too much lime juice may
increase the iron in the blood and be a factor of aggravating the formation of stones.  I
would like to know the truth about the use of lime juice to help my condition and what
would be the right quantity to take in the case that it is helpful.
Thank you for your attention.

Good evening, Celso,

First, I know of no evidence that iron levels are SIGNIFICANTLY effected by the ingestion of citric acid, which is the principle ingredient of lime juice that may POSSIBLY reduce the formation of calcium containing stones.

You should understand that the literature refers to calcium containing kidney stones, not uric acid stones.  However, often calcium is admixed with uric acid stones so taking it could, intuitively help.

The usual amount recommended is four once daily.

There exist many issues regarding the development of uric acid stones that should be or should have been investigated.  
For example, why go you have them?  Do you have gout? Is the uric acid content of your blood elevated?  if so, this should be treated as well.

You would do well to be referred to a nephrologist who has an interest in nonsurgical stone management for complete evaluation.

Good luck to you and thanks for the question.


Dr Falkinburg  


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