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Nephrology/Slight elevation of Creatinine


I am a 56 year old white male (Jewish Middle Eastern decent) in athletic shape. I lift weights about twice a week and I am on the stairmaster 3 to 4 times week for about 30 -40 min at a moderate pace. I am 5'8" and weigh 165.
I have no medical conditions and I am not on any medication.
My blood pressure is averaging about 135/85. At times at night (home testing) it has been 140/85.  I drink about a quart of Ice Tea a day (Caffeine).
I eat chicken everyday for lunch (High protein).
I had a treadmill test done by Cardiologist last year with echocardiogram and was told i never need to see him again. All Clear.


My Creatinine level was 1.46 in this past test this week. this was done on a fast. My glucose was 89. my BUN was 19. Sodium was 138, Protein total 7.2.
This test was  preformed within 20 hours of a 12 mile strenuous mountain bike ride.

I am very concerned about the creatinine level going up, the eGFR going down. Although both are still relatively close to range.

The Assay from the blood lab suggests > 1.3 is above the upper end of high range, and that eGFR should be above 60.


Year 2001
Creatinine 1.2, and BUN 10

Year 2003
Creatinine 1.4, and BUN 14

Year 2005
Creatinine 1.3, and BUN 16

Year 2010
Creatinine 1.33, and BUN 9, and eGFR 56

Year 2012
Creatinine 1.42, and BUN 19, and eGFR 56.. and ....Urine Creatinine 208.5

Year 11/2013
Creatinine 1.47, and BUN 19, and eGFR 53

Year 2/2014
Creatinine 1.46, and BUN 19, and eGFR 53

Seems to me it is staying at same level which might mean I run high naturally?

Are my Kidneys failing?

I am very anxious about losing my kidney function.  MAYBE WORRIED ABOUT NOTHING AS THIS MIGHT BE VERY CLOSE TO NORMAL.

Hi Richard,

Creatinine is produced by muscles and the levels are affected by several factors. Creatinine level is higher in someone with high muscle mass, creatine supplements, after heavy exercise, dehydration etc.

I don't see any reason for concern for elevated creatinine in your case.  Based on your age, height, weight and review of creatinine levels in the past the kidney function appears to be normal

In my opinion nothing needs to be done and your kidney function is normal.

Thank you


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