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Hello,I am writting you in behalf of my wife.
She is 27 years old.About 3 months ago she took a megadsosis of vitamin C powder (about 5 grams)and couple of hours after that she  had a sudden pain in the back and abdominal area,she barely could move,we went to the hospital and there they performed blood tests and she needed also morphine because of the very,very big pain(according to her,bigger than when she gave birth).They said the white cells were normal,only C-reactive protein was about 20 if I am not wrong.They suspected either kidney stones  or UTI(despite the fact that she did not had any pain during urination).They also analysed the urine and they found some bacteria and some blood(microscopical).She was given some medicines,and we went home,everything was fine up until couple of days ago.She noticed some blood spots in urine,dark colour.When she touched one,she noticed that is blood clot.Lets say 3-4 mm diameter.No pain during urinating.She saw that 2 times,in one day,afterwards nothing.But anyways we got very worried and went to the GP,and she was sent to do an ultrasound for both kidneys and bladder(which we will do it on Thursday).
When we came back from GP,she had to pee and she asked me to have a look afterwards.I saw something like a  white mucus with like a line brownish.I touched it with a tissue paper,was not blood(I mean,maybe it was ,but it did not became red).
Of course I am not expected a diagnosis via email,but I would appreciate if you could give us your opinion.Many thanks in advance and best wishes from The Netherlands!

High doses of vitamin C increase risk of kidney stones and all her symptoms seem to be consistent with calcium oxalate stones. These oxalate crystals are sharp and cause intermittent bleeding. Sometimes the stone may not be big enough to be picked up on ultrasound.
Presence of pus in urine can cause white mucus like material.

My suggestion is to wait for ultrasound results. If a stone is detected then it is an easy diagnosis.
If there is no stone on ultrasound than I would encourage drinking plenty of fluids and staying off vitamin C .

Thank You


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