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Hi. I'm male, 45 Caucasian, 6' tall, 264 lbs, resting heart rate of 64, bp 120/73. 30% bodyfat. Extensive (approx 10 vials of blood drawn for labs, one fasting urine sample) lab tests all in normal range save cholesterol and creatinine.  I had been taking cholesterol free protein supplements in the days before the test but none for at least 12 hours before the test. upon notification from my internist that I had stage 2 CKD, I immediately stopped taking protein and eliminated salts and simple carbs. I am considering becoming a vegan. I have two little girls to raise alone. I'm fairly muscular but I have 79 lbs of fat on my frame too. Given my description, is 1.39 creatinine really indicative for stg2 CKD in my case?

Stage 1 CKD is kidney disease with normal kidney function. In Stage 2 CKD function is 60-90%. Most patients with stages 1 and 2 CKD just need occasional testing to be sure things are no different. Your creatinine levels are quite normal and I would suggest you to take Ayurvedic herbs like Gokshur, Punarva, Varun, Giloye, Kasni which will stimulate your Kidney cells. Along with it intake of proteins (incase of swelling), light walk, Yoga, deep breathing and protein rich diet is recommended. Follow the Diet chart as mentioned:
Moong dal(green gram), Louki(Bottle Gourd), Kulth dal(Horse gram), Radish, Turnip, Papaya, Guava.(Avoid green leafy vegetables and skinned lentils).


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