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I am traveling to the Netherlands in May and would love to visit the town of my grandmother's birth. For the last several weeks I have been researching my genealogy trying to find this information. I have had success finding the general area where her parents were born, but not her information. Do you have any thoughts on how I might get this information?

Hello Tammy,

I'm sorry I'm only now anwsering your question. The system didn't alert me there was a new question.

To answer your question, if you know an area specific enough you could contact a muncipality or a few to get access to birth records. If the area is very large you could try this site:

There you can find where your (or anyone's) last name occurs the most, so if you need a more specific area that is a way to find it. It is not very in depth, but it may be helpful.

I hope this helps you, should you need more information you can just contact me.

Kind regards,
Anneke Oosterink

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