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When a person is asked a question and comes up with an answer, but decides that the answer is inappropriate and instead of saying the answer, decides to remain silent, what part of the brain is  suppressing / inhibiting what other part of the brain?  I assume it's the prefrontal cortex inhibiting Brocas area or maybe Wernickes, but I need to be sure.  Can you include a citation in your answer?


Your question has much more than one answer, as an internal dialog is controlled by different neuro centres of corex. Besides, in neuro impulses blocking mechanismes we found the connection with lateralisation of brain, emotional stress level, alarm reactions, fear, etc.
The influence of neuroendocrine system (hypothalamus-pituitary) - is a very important element. Please, note that in your question you missed the phenomena of mutuial induction, which is unavoidable in communicational exchange.

The main conclusion: there are different mechanismes blocking the transformation of internal speach into external.
You may consider this answer as a quotation. I can also disscus with you different aspects of this topic if you have scientifical or practical interest in it.

Best regards,
Alexander Moskvin, MD, Ph.D. Science Shief of Social Stress Clinic/Infoecology Research Institute, Moscow-Russia


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