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I have been going over a couple of my MRI reports and am puzzled as the reports seem to indicate everything is stable, yet the terminology used is always different. Let me explain:

Report from 9/25/09: T2 non/enhancing foci of rt cerebellar dentate nucleus (only imaged C-Spine so only partial image of brain

Report from 4/9/10: stable foci of increased T2 intensity in white matter of spllenium and rt cerebellum

Report from 12/13/12:  2 foci long TR hyperintensity of rt cerebellar hemisphere and genu of left interanl capsule with no abnormal enhancment.

Summary of 12/13/12 report however says foci of right cerebral hemisphere.  I am guessing this is a transciption error as the exact lobe is not given and if it was in the cerebrum they would most likely indicate if it was temporal, frontal, pareital, or ocipital.

Bascially my question is, are the rt dentate nucleus and rt cerebellum the same thing? and are the spllenium and left internal capsule the same thing, or close enough anatomically that they could be mistaken for each other?  

Thank you

PS I do have NF1 and if you are aware of any recent studies on T2 hyperintensites and their prognosis I would love to see them.

Hello, Luke

For on complete and accurate answer to your question, we need all the results MRI in DICOM format. You can send materials to our e-mail ( and we can give you objective description of your data.

Warm wishing and Happy  New Year 2013

Best regards, Alexander Moskvin, M.D.,Ph.D.
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