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QUESTION: Christians often say "For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the Lord made the heavens." (Psalm 95:5).
What does New Age people think when Christians tell them this?

ANSWER: Dear Hank,

Interesting Question.

First the term “New Age” is an extremely wide net; Non-Christians use this term to cover everything from the three thousand year old “Varjianic Tibetan Buddhism” to “Crystal and Pyramid Power”.

New Age is not like the Roman Catholic Methodology that as a two thousand year old Dogma that is written down, and memorized by its adherents.

Instead New Age is a very ill defined and vague term, however in general, and in the main, New Age refers to any Belief Methodology that is not based in “Religiosity”, or an Established or Rigid Belief Methodology.

Because of the very nature of New Age, making a statement about what it believes in, or does not believe in, becomes correspondingly problematic.

The other Problem is that your question implies that New Age Believers have a Pantheistic, as opposed to a Monotheistic definition, and while some do, this is not the case in the main. Indeed many New Age Believers adhere to the same Monotheistic Beliefs that Christians do, …in fact some even go farther and have adopted an Omnitheistic Belief Model.

The issue is that your inquiry is too ambiguous, it is much like asking, “…what is the difference between the weather today, and the weather yesterday…”, where it is impossible to answer without knowing what part of the planet the question refers to?

So having outlined this, it is difficult to answer your question.

I could approach an answer in a very “vague” and general terms, however it would be more helpful if you have a something specific ( meaning what are the differences in God conceptualization between a specific New Age Group, as opposed to say Catholics or Baptists )?

I hope that this was helpful.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

If New Age is so big can we then say that many of the songs of the sixties were based on new age?

Dear Hank,

Interesting Question, and quite a tangent from your original inquiry.

In answer to your question, ….Possibly.

It could be said that some 60’s Songs were based upon aspects of some versions of some New Age beliefs, ….however nowhere near as many songs were developed along New Age material, as say songs originating from Social Freedom, Feminism, AntiWar, Drugs, Sex, and the largest of them all Love ( smile ).

To say that “…many of the songs of the sixties were based on new age….”, would be too expansive a statement to make, and most likely incorrect.

However to get a more accurate response to this inquiry I would recommend contacting an AllExpert in Music, or the History of Music.

I hope that this was helpful.


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