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New Age/world that has magic?


Is it truth that there will be an other world that has magic?

Your question is not clear.  You need to define what you mean by "another world" and by "magic".  Where did you hear or read this? Do you mean an ethereal, alternative world (i.e. dimension) or a future world?  I don't know of any world, or worldview, that is based upon magic (assuming that you mean something like ceremonial magic).  The reason is because magic is not generally something that is openly taught, but only from master to studdent or within a group as the Golden Dawn.  My guess is that the only "worlds" that use "magic" would be found in literature by John R. R. Tolkein or J.K. Rawlings.  Joel

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Reincarnation: A Bibliography (Garland) Channeling: A Bibliographic Exploration (Garland) Consulting Spirits (Greenwood) "It's in the Cards" (a newspaper article about the tarot)

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