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Hi Pat, i feel im vibrating at a very low energy level, almost like an  energy sucker. Im not sure if this is correct, but i think so. I almost always attract negative personal and  romantic relationships and am unhappy with my self and life right now,  but it was not always this way.  I feel  others pick up on my negativity. What can i do to emit a positive and higher vibration, that will not only help myself but those that come into contact with me? Thank you so much for your  help

Hello, Sophia.

I'd like to share some Truths with you about Life.    

1.  What you see, sense of feel isn't necessarily real.
2.  You are a mental being who can only think one thought at a time.
3.  You can choose which thought to think.
4.  You can control what you see, sense or feel by choosing wisely!

These are very simple truths, Sophia, but if you take the time to think about them and to try to use them, you can disappear your sense of "low energy level." And wouldn't that be cool.

For example, if you were to study each of the four truths above and actually consider them true, you could then run an experiment and choose to think something differently than you're currently thinking.  Why should you consider this?  Because of another Truth.

5.  Your thought is causative and it causes your experiences!

OMG!  True.  You are causing your experiences with the thoughts you are thinking.  I know you don't do this consciously; you are doing it unawares because you don't know these simple Truths I've shared with you.

Here's a suggestion to change things using these mental laws:

Law 1:  What you see, sense of feel isn't necessarily real.  
If this is true, you want to create real things vs. what you now have.  So, try making a list of what you'd prefer to see, sense, or feel in your life instead. Here are some examples to kickstart the process:  "I can see myself happy with a new, caring group of friends who are all positive.  I can see myself vibrating at a higher, more positive level. I can sense that my beingness radiates warmth and love to all who meet me and helps them step up into a higher vibration, too. I feel absolutely convinced that one day at a time, I can bring myself into a bettered experience, and that I won't quit this process until I do!"

Law 2:  You are a mental being who can only think one thought at a time.
I am going to make a list of positive right thoughts for me to think and I will persevere in thinking them, regardless of how silly it might feel initially, until things begin to change for me.  Who knows?  If I can't conjure up these thoughts for myself, I'll read self-help books or look at self-help blogs and websites to find a list I resonate with.

Law 3:  You can choose what thought to think.
Well, this sure does tie in with #2.  Once I make the list, I will sit down at least three times a day and think them, fully expecting them to manifest in my life.  (Hint - the manifestation occurs automagically at the moment you are convinced the truth is true.)

Law 4:  You can control what you see, sense or feel by choosing wisely!
As I do # 2 and #3, I will pat myself on the back for discovering this solution and I will congratulate myself for the new choices I've made.  And I'll share the good news with those who will accept it.

Law 5:  Your thought is causative and it causes your experiences!
Once you go through the process of Law 1 thru 4, you will have proven to yourself that your thinking is causative.  You can then make a new plan, put more desires before yourself, and set out to achieve them.

You are now armed with five Laws of Life.  They do nothing but "be there" until you do something with them.  Application of what you've read is the secret to having the life you so ardently desire. It is my strong desire that you kick it into high gear, because if you can turn this first challenge around, you are then capable of handling ALL of the subsequent life challenges!  Trust me.  They seldom stop coming. Imagine the mental muscles you'll build.

Thank you very much for connecting with me, Sophia. It's a great privilege to share what I have learned with others.  Who knows?  Someday you could become an expert on this site too?

Merry Christmas!


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