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New Age/Pact with devil through smoking


I research on internet on the topic of making pact with the devil.
It says that a person can get diabolical (cunning) favour such as youth, knowledge, wealth, or power in exchange with his soul. People are doing this as easy way of obtaining more pleasure, wealth, or power

My research on internet shows three method to make a pact with the devil:
1. Drink living water, (alcohol, aqua vitae, water life, water with spirit)
2. Use Amphetamine
3. Write on paper, read out loud under candlelight, sign it with your own blood, place in the flame of the candle, and meditate until it is completely burned

My question:
Is smoking another method to make a pact with the devil ?
Is there relationship between smoking and devil, e.g. separation from god?
Why is smoking widespread in society?
What is smoking?

Hi Davin,

The easiest way to make a pack with the devil is to make that your intent, with whatever ďfavourĒ you desire from him in exchange for your soul.. BTW, you donít have to deal directly with the devil to sell your soul as he has many in his following that are only too happy to help you..

Whatever ceremony you want to do to confirm your intent is fine, as that is not what is importantÖ itís your intent that makes it a dealÖ

The real issue under it all is denial of whatever issues you donít want to face or deal with. I.E. Wanting to be wealthy and powerful means that you are in denial of not having money and feeling powerless.  Of course you work on healing those issues, or you can seek the quick fix, and let unloving light give you TEMPORARY relief.. in that  any deal  you make does not last..

Smoking is not an intentional pact with the devil, but it is used to DENY whatever feelings and emotions you donít want to feel, and so that is your unintentional pact with the devil as what you are really doing by your denials is allowing the devil to have that part of you that you donít like..


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