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QUESTION: Hi there John! Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to read my question, and I appreciate you've already answered questions on pendulum dowsing which I have read, but I think my questions are a tad different :)

So anyway I've had a pendulum for about 2 years which wasn't right for me, and now I have a rose quartz pendulum that I feel connected with, however I do feel that my conscious mind affects the answers it gives, how do I stop this from happening? or reassure myself that the answers are honest? Can pendulums act dishonest or insincere when I ask questions that are insincere?
Also would it benefit it me to do cleansing rituals or ask for guidance/protection when I start dowsing? or is it fine to just go head with it?

I think my main question is about the conscious mind and how the pendulum is affected by what I want, I really would like to try and stop this..

Thanks again for reading this and answering, it's much appreciated :)

ANSWER: Hi Aaran,

You asked. “Can pendulums act dishonest or insincere when I ask questions that are insincere?”

The answer is a definite yes.  It’s not the pendulum that is acting dishonestly, it’s that you have attracted an unloving energy by your insincerity.  Don’t forget, it’s your guides (and others) that you are working with when you are doing any form of dowsing. The pendulum is only acting as a link, like your cell phone… that allows you to communicate with the person or entity on the other end or side. Who you connect with is directly related to who you call.  

To get an honest answer, ask an honest question.
Ask that your guide(s) answer your question.
Ask your guides give you a sign when they are connected to your pendulum.
Ask simple questions that can be answered with a yes, or no.

Also know that no matter what the answer is, it is always your choice and decision. No matter what answer you get, even if it is insincere, you have gotten it for a reason.  The challenge is to find out who, what, where, when, why and how you got the answer you did. What did you ask that wasn’t sincere, simple, direct? What didn’t you ask that you were holding back? What are your expectations and projections? Who else is involved in my question and why? When did I notice or feel something was “off?” And the list goes on and on.

It might also be a good idea to have a piece of paper and a pen handy in case you get a message that is associated with the pendulums answerer that is more than a yes or no. I say this as the next step after using a pendulum is automatic writing and channeling.

Hope that helps you and if there are other questions, you know where you can find me.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for that answer it helped and cleared things up for me a lot!

I do have a couple of others questions :)
Well yesterday I dropped my pendulum and the end came off, it still works fine and everything but did this happen for a reason? or was it just a accident that I dropped it and it broke?
and because the end is missing I'm starting to find it unattractive because it looks a bit weird, which makes me want to buy a new one, however I think I'm connected to this one, so I'm not sure if I should get a new one or not, will the fact that it's broken affect any answers? What would you advise about buying a new one?
Can you have different pendulums for different uses? or have a few of them?
Thanks again John!

Hi, Aaran

The question is, “What is the message in it breaking?”  What is the first feeling thought that comes to you when you read that question?

My feeling is that it is time for you to break the belief that you need a pendulum. Why are you using it? Why are you placing so much emphasis and faith in it?  What do you think it can do that you can’t do? Can you see what I’m getting at?
If you can’t let go of using a pendulum, then you might as well get another as you already have the BELIEF that this one is now flawed and will not work properly, no matter what I or anyone says..

If you are interested in moving beyond using a pendulum and expanding your point-of-view, then you may be interested in my free eBook on using meditation.. Here is the link to my website.. I suggest you open e-Book 1 and read chapter 10 just for starters, and then go back to the beginning to learn how to do it and other journeys..


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