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Belief has consequences. Eternal consequences.
So the ? now becomes ...What if U are wrong about
Thank U for your time and I look forward to your response.

Dear Al,

Thank you for your question and comment.  I am not sure precisely "which one" of my answers her triggered your question, so I am going to step back one layer and try to answer it generically.

You used the word "belief."  I certainly do agree with you that belief has consequences, and they are eternal.  But I think you and I probably use that word differently.  For me, the word belief means a less-than and inaccurate sense that has been generated through acceptance of some one else's erring comments without having researched and reasoned about them to the point where belief can

a) become understanding (a permanent, accurate sense) or
b) be discarded as a huge mistake.

Much of our lives is an accumulation of beliefs, Al, and the majority of them are erroneous, inherited from our parents, our churches, our schools, our television shows, etc. etc. ad nauseum. We accept these ideas as FACT when they are not, and it is the acceptance of erring human beliefs that has eternal consequences because, with them in place, you quit searching for what the real truth is. These beliefs must all be emptied out in order for us to progress toward an understanding about life.

And on now to your second question, "What if I am wrong about Jesus?"  Again, I'm not sure what I said and where I said it to which you're referring, so again, I'll give it a generic answer. Please do feel free to come back and show me what I said previously if my attempt here today doesn't satisfy you.

I find it ironic that yesterday I had to type up a paper that might contain the answer you seek. It is from a booklet written by William W. Walter and it's entitled "The Bible." Here is the quotation:

Rightly understood, the Bible is a metaphysical or spiritual text-book, but through giving it a literal or so-called material interpretation, an entirely false or erroneous sense is imparted to what is written there, and through this, Satan (false sense) is enthroned and the very book of God becomes the bulwark of Satan.

The Bible in substance is a metaphysical treatise and it can only be rightly understood from this standpoint.  When interpreted from the standpoint that all is mind and is good, then it is the true word of God. In other words, then only can the truth of life be discerned and understood from its teachings.  However, when interpreted from the materialistic or erring, evil, standpoint that matter and evil is real, then this very book becomes the bulwark through which false sense (Satan) is help upon his throne; as is being done to this day, by those who eringly cite the Scriptures in support of the false sense that there is eternal damnation and hell fire and that matter and evil are real.

Spirit and matter are opposites. If Spirit is real, then matter is unreal. If good is real, then evil is unreal, for they also are opposites. To help you to understand this great truth I shall say, if Spirit is the natural and only eternal substance of the universe, then matter being the opposite, must be the unnatural. If good is the natural quality of all being, then evil must be the unnatural. The unnatural is of course always unreal, for it is contrary to nature, the real.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that I am trying to tell you that the objective things that you see do not exist, for that is not correct. I am striving to have you understand that the objective things are not composed of what is known as matter, but are the external embodiment of mind or spirit, through the mental activity called thought. It is highly essential that you understand this, for if this is not understood, at least in a measure, the seeker for truth finds it almost impossible to demonstrate the great good that is possible to him through right thinking.  If the old false sense is held that objective things are composed of matter, then the worker finds that he is striving with mind to overcome matter.  This by some is called mental science, but it is not the metaphysics taught by Jesus, and falls far short of the ultimate.

When we once gain the correct viewpoint and later, the actual understanding that all objective things are the result or effect of mind activity, and because of this, are but mental phenomena, then we can have some assurance that we can change this mental phenomena through mental means alone.  My book “The Christ Way” will help you to understand.

The false sense of religious awe for the Bible that has been ignorantly instilled in the human consciousness must be cast out, and in its place must be enthroned common sense and reason. Then only can we hope to look at the Bible as a metaphysical text-book and gain the wonderful understanding of life, God, that it contains.

Al, if you can correctly interpret the first sentence of Genesis (which was encoded by its author to prevent its misuse), then you would understand the entirety of the Bible including the role which Jesus played.  I often think that Jesus would roll his eyes back in dismay to see how far away from his true intentions the world of churchified christianity has drifted.

Did you discover in your readings of what I've written that I used to be a nun?  True.  I have always dedicated myself and my life to finding out the truth and it's taken me all my life to accomplish that. Since that has covered 71 years, it would be hard for me to tell you every single step I took to accomplish that, but hey, we can chat more if you'd like.

Jesus was born of a woman who had been a vestal virgin.  Mary was given an education (rare for women at that time) and raised in the temple. She was taught the ancient ways that laid behind the encoding of the Bible (that life is mental, good and individual), and when she was able to manifest her pregnancy without any external intervention but her mentality, she bore Jesus.  He was a special child.  I believe she and Jesus had a very special bond. He was the one of her children to whom she could impart what she had been taught and from a very early time in his life, he could manifest/produce what she taught him.  I'm sure you can find these stories on your own.

I believe that Jesus tried to teach his disciples that life was mental; that it was good alone; and that it was individual.  They got it.  That teaching, sadly, was diluted and distorted through woeful misinterpretation via the churches as ages passed.

WHEN YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT HE TAUGHT, AND YOU CAN PROVE IT THROUGH THE FUNCTIONING OF YOUR OWN MENTALITY AS HE ENCOURAGED, you know that he's been seriously misinterpreted in today's so-called religious teachings.

Now, your question: What if I am wrong?  I have bet my entire life on my unfoldment of true understanding, Al.  It's not very popular with a lot of folks who are immersed in BELIEF vs. true understanding.  So if I'm wrong (I'm grinning here) I hope I get a do-over.  And if I'm right, I think I'm going to get a high five.

If you're at all curious to figure this out yourself, I'd recommend getting a copy of the First Edition of Science and Health with a Key to the Scriptures.  Read the Key to the Scriptures in the back of the book and see if you can learn how to interpret the coding in Genesis.  It will set you on the right path.

I have a strong sense that you are a seeker of Truth, Al.  Only a seeker would have asked the questions you did.  I hope my answers satisfy you.  I would be happy to talk with you more.

Warmest regards,

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