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New Age/confusion of law of attraction


hello dear , a good day

the law of attraction confusion , I read all books,articles,documents also watch all videos and movies related to that issue , I believe on with 80% , but unfortunately , when we ll come on reality and applications of law , we ll find confusion

for instance , I hoped to spend a vacation on USA-UK-SWEDEN , despite of my preparation for mentioned trips , live the trip with all my senses , imagine being there , convinced that I ll be their , had strong desire to make it , noticed that all above feeling I did with intuition without knowing the secret of law of attraction

here it is the result

I applied for USA visa 6-2012 to travel and do my trip , I had taken visa refusal
I applied for UK visa   4-2013  to travel and do my trip  , I had taken visa refusal
I applied for Sweden visa   6-2013  to travel and do my trip  , I had taken visa refusal

the mentioned items let me depressed and disappointed , can you let me know the relation of above situation with law of attraction , why that happen ? please let me know your interpretation applied on above example

best regards

I can't much on the law of attraction.  I  really don't believe in it.  I don't agree that you can draw what you desire to yourself because we don't always get what we want.  I am a skeptic at best. I believe in God's grace and, as the Bible says, He supplies our every need.


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Reincarnation: A Bibliography (Garland) Channeling: A Bibliographic Exploration (Garland) Consulting Spirits (Greenwood) "It's in the Cards" (a newspaper article about the tarot)

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