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ello dear , a good day

the law of attraction confusion , I read all books,articles,documents also watch all videos and movies related to that issue , I believe on with 80% , but unfortunately , when we ll come on reality and applications of law , we ll find confusion

for instance , I hoped to spend a vacation on USA-UK-SWEDEN , despite of my preparation for mentioned trips , live the trip with all my senses , imagine being there , convinced that I ll be their , had strong desire to make it , noticed that all above feeling I did with intuition without knowing the secret of law of attraction

here it is the result

I applied for USA visa 6-2012 to travel and do my trip , I had taken visa refusal
I applied for UK visa   4-2013  to travel and do my trip  , I had taken visa refusal
I applied for Sweden visa   6-2013  to travel and do my trip  , I had taken visa refusal

the mentioned items let me depressed and disappointed , can you let me know the relation of above situation with law of attraction , why that happen ? please let me know your interpretation applied on above example

best regards

Dear Ahmed.

Thank you for choosing me to answer your questions.  I have been studying metaphysics and teaching it for over 25 years, so hopefully, I can dig down into my understanding and share with you the accurate perspective.

I searched and searched for the truth, beginning around the age of 27.  Before that, I belonged to a Church.  I did not find satisfying answers there, and began my search which led me through much exploration.  There are many messages out there that contain only a portion of the truth. The Law of Attraction is taught differently by dozens, perhaps hundreds, of different teachers. Each teacher gives his own opinion on the subject, so unless I studied what you studied right along side you, I could never know how accurate or inaccurate what you studied is. Sorry.

The good news is that I finally found the truth, and I believe it is the real truth behind what many call a Law and teach as opinion.  Here's the Truth:  Life is a science. Inside the science of life, we learn that "All is good. All is mental. All is individual."  Please ponder those three truths and see what you can find inside yourself about their validity.

If life is mental (and it is) we know this because each of us can think. Only Mind can think, so, we are living in a mental universe.  It is true that "what we think is what we get." I am sure that you have seen this work itself out in your life.

When we have a desire and we begin to think about that desire (your travel plans, for example) there are only two things that can keep the desire from happening in this mental universe. Those two are "fear" and "doubt."  If you were afraid you might not get a visa, or you experienced doubtfulness that you would get one, this would cause your not getting a visa.

While I am sorry you experienced depression and disappointment because of the visa refusal, there is something good that came out of the experience: you have an opportunity for self-correction.  Self-correction IS the Savior, because it will save you from your own mistakes.

My advise is this:  "Don't give up your dream.  Re-think it and remove any fear and doubt you might have put in there.  Give it another try, and this next time, hold a strong expectation your desires will be fulfilled.

In 2006, I wrote a book and in this book, I give instructions for how to create a Mind Model. A Mind Model is a grouping of ideas around a theme, like your vacation, for example.  I am going to attach the book to this if they'll let me. Beginning on page 137 are instructions for how to create a Mind Model.  If they won't let me attach it, give me your email address and I'll email it to you.

I hope these words of Truth sit gentle on your mind, Ahmed.  Wishing you success.


PS - They won't let me attach it, so if you want that information, please give me your email address.  I am going out of town tomorrow for three days, so I'll answer it when I return.  

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