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hello dear , a good day

the law of attraction confusion , I read all books,articles,documents also watch all videos and movies related to that issue , I believe on with 80% , but unfortunately , when we ll come on reality and applications of law , we ll find confusion

for instance , I hoped to spend a vacation on USA-UK-SWEDEN , despite of my preparation for mentioned trips , live the trip with all my senses , imagine being there , convinced that I ll be their , had strong desire to make it , noticed that all above feeling I did with intuition without knowing the secret of law of attraction

here it is the result

I applied for USA visa 6-2012 to travel and do my trip , I had taken visa refusal
I applied for UK visa   4-2013  to travel and do my trip  , I had taken visa refusal
I applied for Sweden visa   6-2013  to travel and do my trip  , I had taken visa refusal

the mentioned items let me depressed and disappointed , can you let me know the relation of above situation with law of attraction , why that happen ? please let me know your interpretation applied on above example

best regards

Greetings dear seeker,
There is a lot of confusion around the Law of Attraction. It is not as easy as it seems.  You are wise to use your power of visualization, for this will empower you.  However, there are other powers at work as well and when things don't work out as we wish them to, it is either not time for that to happen or it is not in for our highest good for them to happen.  You are perhaps being protected while all along you are feeling denied your wishes.  We never know exactly what is at work but you can rest assured that you are being taken care of always.  

So go ahead and visualize that which you desire but when you encounter road blocks, build a detour around them and follow another path.  We all have this happen to us on one level or another.  Don't loose your hope or your heart and always live from your heart.  

I wish you blessings and hope that your highest good is always served.

Be well......

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