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hello. John my daughter is in high school we moved from florida to new york recently. my daughter has difficulty in making friends, she is nice and has done her best to be friendly but her classmates have their own friends and dont want a new friend. how can she attract at least one friend?   c

Hi C.
Itís difficult when one moves from one environment to another. It can be what is considered, a culture shock, even though there is no major racial, or religious differences. Trying to FIT IN, to anotherís or group lifestyle will only cause her problems, as she will get caught up in pretending to be what she isnít, just to have a friend, and be liked and accepted.  Does she already have EXPECTATIONS on what type of FRIENDS she wants to hang out with?

My suggestion is that instead of TRYING to have friends, to do what she loves to do and be real. Does she have a hobby or activity that she enjoys?  Is there some new, creative activity that she would like to try? She might not know anyone enough to consider them a friend, but Iím sure that she has made some connections, just not followed through.  I donít mean in a NEEDY way, I mean being sincere and honest. Also, Have a real talk with her and find out what exactly she is looking for and thinks she NEEDSÖ as it is the ďneedsĒ that are at the heart of the problem, and that problem might be related to her experiences in Florida that need to be addressed.  I hope this gives you some food for thought and suggestions as to how to help her help herself.


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