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New Age/too scared to live in case i die


QUESTION: am 61 year old lady who always had a fear of death, lately that fear has taken over my life because of the death of 3 loved ones in just over a year
How does one deal with the realisation that all too soon their life will be over? I have witnessed death too many times first hand and I can say each time was terrifying for the loved one and for me
At the moment I am suffering balance problems and my ears ring whir and sting and I get dizzy and have trouble walking  without the feeling of disequilibrium. I am scared and I do not know what to do, the days are so long and my thoughts no matter how hard I try keep going back to how little time there is left and then the adrenaline starts
Anyone relate. I hope this does not depress anyone or leave them scared as this is not my intention I just want to know how to overcome these scared negative thoughts and thought maybe some beautiful soul here has experienced this and come out the other side, I lost my beautiful sister and I am so distraught, How could she be gone, why?

ANSWER: Hello, Helen. Thank you for putting yourself out there to look for an answer.  My name is Pat Matson. I am 73 years old, so I've got you beat by a few, eh?  I am not afraid about death, and here are the reasons why:

I have unfolded an understanding that allows me to know that since I am alive, I must be life itself because only life can live.

I have learned that the death experience is the culmination of a whole bunch of erring ideas entertained by the one going through it. Oh, and P.S. "Life" cannot die!

I have learned that because Life Itself (and you ARE that) can never die, it will never be over. (What you witnessed was many, many mistakes.)

If you would like to study some truth about life to alleviate your sense of out-of-balance equilibrium, I'd recommend you research Metaphysical Writers" on the internet. Many of these folks' writing can bring you much relief.

Helen, here are some ideas for you to ponder:

You are and always have been in charge, because it is your thinking that is causing your life's experiences. If you think there is little time left, that is what you'll experience. If you think "I'm going to live to be 100," that is what you'll get.  P. S. You have to have a strong sense of conviction to manifest either, and you get to decide which one you'll be most convinced about.

Focus on living! You are alive. You are life itself. You cannot die without your permission. Spend your days creating an inventory of all that's good about your life. Make it so long you fall asleep over writing it all down.

Your sister is gone because she believed she had to go through a death experience. It's sad, but in another way, it's great because it has allowed you to reach out for a resolve SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT ALSO.

Get busy and hunt for the truth. Here are some clues. It's not in church. You can find it in metaphysics. I am going to put a link here for you to follow for a wonderful little book called "As a Man Thinketh," by James Allen. It's a wonderful first step.

I wish you great success in wrapping yourself around this, Helen.  If you have further questions, please do ask me.

I wish you peace and harmony.

Pat Matson

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QUESTION: Oh PAT,WOW, Can we talk together forever and ever. I so need to hear that right now,Tell me more, more, wanting and needing that response so bad
I know I was sent to you by some Angel I need to live I need to trust I need to lose my fear. Smiling now with hope in my heart How did you ever get too that age without fear Do you believe in God the big bang lol. Oh I need to chat with you so bad, I read this and felt a spark ignite in my soul Please, please, share your miraculous way of thinking with me
Hugs Helen

ANSWER: Hi, Helen.  We CAN talk together forever if you'd like.  :)  I want you to know that I unfolded my wisdom through the study of Eschatology-The Walter Method.  I would love to teach you, but it seems kind of silly since there are teachers of the Walter Method right there in Australia, luckily for you.

I believe that YOU are the one who chose this person on All Experts to answer you, so it's you yourself who deserves the credit for the answer you received. You created what you wanted by using the desire arising from your own mentality, you clever woman you.

I began to study Esky (as we so-called insiders call the study) in 1978. I can tell you, Helen, that it takes a lot of self-correction to get to where I am today and I am grateful for every single effort I made, because I am the recipient of the benefits, right?

I do believe in God.  I define God differently that most do, however. I don't believe God is the fellow on the throne with the white, flowing beard. I believe God is the principle of good within each one of us.  I believe the God Principle is there TO BE USED and Eschatology teaches us how to use it to improve our own health, wealth, success, and happiness and of course, to help others do the same.

I know the time difference is substantial. Do you know how to figure out the differences? Are you able to make long distance phone calls? If you can, we can chat on Friday or Saturday.  I live in California, so that is the Pacific Time Zone and we are now on Daylight Savings Time.

Did you download that book "As A Man Thinketh?"  If you do that, you will love it's message. It's very similar to mine, Helen. Here's the link again:  This book will bring great comfort to you, but you have to do the doing, you know?

Also, you can visit the Eschatology website at  There's a link there called "Download Free Info."

Here are a few words about what you said: I need to live I need to trust I need to lose my fear. You ARE alive. Keep doing that. Don't entertain the idea of dying. You cannot die unless you say "Okay" to that idea.  As for Trust, you only have to trust one person and that is YOU.  If you decide to study and work to unfold more understanding, trusting will be easy. I like to think of fear as clutching a bomb and praying it doesn't go off. Let go of the bomb! If you have a choice between fear and love, which one appeals to you the most? Do that one.

I'll support you through this, Helen. I love to help people to understand the Truth. It truly does set you free.


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My grandson with  me
My grandson with me  

MY son and I
MY son and I  
I am so pleased that we can remain friends I really would love that
It is 17 hours difference here We are in to Thursday 16past 1 in the afternoon here you are WEd 16p8 at night. Big difference
Do you believe in life after death? Reincarnation, And that we can see our deceased love ones again if we will it? I have downloaded As a Man thin kith and looking forward to reading it
So you intend to live a very long and fruitful life, smiling
,Then what? I would love to hear what you think of Science today The Collider and if it will find other dimensions? Oh so many questions and believe it or not ,cannot be found on the internet without something else that is a duality of the subject
I need to know I long to know ,I need to free myself of this fear and so I  chose you, smiling ,sometimes people do need a shove in the right direction and thank you for that shove. Do you have Skype?
Regards Helen

Hi Helen, I was just about to log off for the night when your email came through. It is now Wednesday at 8:46 PM.  Yes, I do have Skype. We could chat via Skype maybe this weekend?  I'm planning to be home the majority of the time.

Let's make this easier what do you say?  You can email me directly using I am a copywriter and is my website.

Do I believe in life after death?I believe in endless life, no death. I believe that life is a continuum and that we go through many learning experiences. Our goal is to unfold Perfect Understanding of who we are and what life is. What happens after we arrive at Perfected Understanding, I haven't thought about yet. I do believe that you will be in touch with your loved ones. It'll be similar to now: think of them, and they appear in your mind's eye. Right?

I hope you like As a Man Thinketh. That is one very powerful little book filled with Truth.

I have always thought I'd live to be 126 before I make a transition to a higher spiritual plane. At least, that's my plan! My main work is to unfold understanding, so after that, I think I'll still be working on it.

I am afraid I have never heard of The Collider. As for science, I don't pay it much attention. Those good folks are working hard to understand EFFECT.  My work is to understand CAUSE. Big difference.

Are there other dimensions? Most likely in my opinion. It's like gradations of knowledge or understanding. I certainly couldn't participate in a gathering of physicists, but I could jump in there in a gathering of metaphysicians. We all have different strengths, skills, and knowledge.

Helen, once you read that little book, the fear will begin to be replaced by the hope that you are beginning to understand a better way.

The Happy Shover,

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