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New Age/how to apply new age?


  I want to get to know more about "new age",in law of attraction they say you should write and visualize your wishes like they are being fulfilled in present,and they will come true.
What to do when it comes to new age philosophy?
e.g. I want to get my ex back,how could I apply new age?
thank you.

Hello. I wish I knew your first name, so I could call you by name.

New Age isn't something you can apply or use. New Age is a movement, kind of like "the Hippy movement."  You can't use that either.

I think I know what you want to find out though, so I am going to talk about that. There are many different philosophies within the New Age movement. New Age is a compound term referring to these many different (and differing) philosophies inside the movement. You find Religious Science in there, as well as the works of Neal Donald Walsh, Eckart Tolle, and even the programs Oprah produces.

One of the studies in that movement is called Metaphysics, and under that rather large umbrella are many different approaches.  I was raised Catholic, and when I discovered Religious Science, I began to study metaphysics. I find that Religious Science is a great stepping stone along the way of discovering the laws behind life, and how to use them. I'll give you a primer.

1. What you think is what you get. If you think you don't have your ex, you can never get him back (or her.) But if you think that your ex is changing their mind about you and returning, you have opened up a path for that to happen. This takes some serious observation and self-correction within your own mind. I suspect if you asked the questions, you're ready for the work.

2. You have to see your desire as happening now as you said above. If you think it will happen someday, see #1, because that is where you are putting it.

3. You are the only one in charge of your life through thinking the thoughts you think. It takes dedication and self-correction to mold your mind and will to do what you want it to. Are you up for a challenge? This could change your life in magical ways!

4. This work moves along more quickly with a teacher or guide. If you're brand new here, I recommend you take the "Science of Mind" classes at a Religious Science church. It's a great entry level spot in which to begin. Or, you could begin to read from the wide variety of self-help books that have been published.

How's that? Did I answer your questions? If I did and/or you have more, please come back and ask them.

Pat Matson

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