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hello dear

I m suffering after graduation a dilema , for past 8 years I read dozens of books,articles,newsletters,documents,experts blogs and reviews about metaphysics-human development-self development-law of attraction

my problem was I m someone who owe lot of talent , but distracted , someone who owe several culture aspects but couldnt invest them properly

my mind was consumed ,feeling sluggish

I desired somethings and experienced in something has educational degree in another thing

finally I m a person who has a combinatin of varities but unfortunately it is suppose to be something nice but versly it is harsh toward me , becasue you consume lot of energy , time and money for achieving anything let you successful from your point of view and still till now unsatisfied and feeling with agony

people look at me as a poor faliure pitful person , thats slay my soul , because all my entire life I played the role of leader whether leader upon people or my live leader

the lastthing from being child till this moment 30 yrs old I m feeling different rather than my brother , parents , relatives , neighbours , collegues , coworkers , friends ..... alawys feels that they are live in world , I m live in other , this word many people told me , " you are living in another planet " , I dont know is that good or bad , but thats the real , sorry for prelong , because you are expert in law of attraction I wan to ask you , how can I solve this distracted and lonliness dilemna , why the bad situation I hate is imposed on me , the things I need and desire far from me , why my soul friend after3 years intimacy cut our relation suddenly without warning and disappear , all people I love is go far and died from my life , just the ugly things and people is still arond

noticed that , I m scanner personality also too extrovert , ENFP
leo horroscope , may tha help , single , 30 yrs old , male

please advise and comment also ask any question to solve the case , you welcome


Thank you for trusting me to answer you. You are young, at an age where you are still sorting things out so please have patience with yourself.

In addition, be true to who you are and trust your intuition to tell you what is right and wrong.

Keep your own counsel, that is, know what is true for you and what is not but you need not challenge others in your life because they believe differently.

Hold to your beliefs but be open to change. Be confident in who you are. Continue to create the life you want to for yourself insofar as you are able. Hold your vision before you and continue on to it.

I hope this has helped. It is not easy to navigate in this world and often we have challenges. We all do. Take each one on as a gift for at the end of the challenge, we are given insight and new understanding and it expands our world, our thinking, our consciousness.

Blessings to you on your journey, dear one. Know that the Divine Source loves you.  

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