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QUESTION: hello dear

I m suffering after graduation a dilema , for past 8 years I read dozens of books,articles,newsletters,documents,experts blogs and reviews about metaphysics-human development-self development-law of attraction

my problem was I m someone who owe lot of talent , but distracted , someone who owe several culture aspects but couldnt invest them properly

my mind was consumed ,feeling sluggish

I desired somethings and experienced in something has educational degree in another thing

finally I m a person who has a combinatin of varities but unfortunately it is suppose to be something nice but versly it is harsh toward me , becasue you consume lot of energy , time and money for achieving anything let you successful from your point of view and still till now unsatisfied and feeling with agony

people look at me as a poor faliure pitful person , thats slay my soul , because all my entire life I played the role of leader whether leader upon people or my live leader

the lastthing from being child till this moment 30 yrs old I m feeling different rather than my brother , parents , relatives , neighbours , collegues , coworkers , friends ..... alawys feels that they are live in world , I m live in other , this word many people told me , " you are living in another planet " , I dont know is that good or bad , but thats the real , sorry for prelong , because you are expert in law of attraction I wan to ask you , how can I solve this distracted and lonliness dilemna , why the bad situation I hate is imposed on me , the things I need and desire far from me , why my soul friend after3 years intimacy cut our relation suddenly without warning and disappear , all people I love is go far and died from my life , just the ugly things and people is still arond

noticed that , I m scanner personality also too extrovert , ENFP
leo horroscope , may tha help , single , 30 yrs old , male

please advise and comment also ask any question to solve the case , you welcome

how can I know that if I  have reincarnation or not , if yes which age ? how can that benefit me in my live


ANSWER: You seem to be facing a lot of issues.  You're being "distracted" might indicate an "attention deficit disorder," but you'd have to talk to a doctor about this.  The idea of "feeling different" or "living in another planet" is nothing supernatural or metaphysical, but is more about life-orientation.  Sometimes people who are very creative do feel "different," but they see and feel things more deeply than most people. This depth is how they are able to create.  How is your sense of self-esteem? Do you have a positive self-image? How do you handle conflicts?  How do you relate to others?  I don't think your concerns have anything to do with reincarnation, but are very "this-worldly."  We choose the course of our lives.  It's up to us, not anything mystical or other-worldly.  Conflicts mean that we need to work on ourselves.  The good news is, we can,  and we can be what we want to be.

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QUESTION: Do you have a positive self-image?

I was have on in the past but it was distorted due to the experiments I faced

How do you handle conflicts?

in the past easily last few years emotionally aggressive and hypersensitive , I lost my friends , but not because of me , because they are a selfish greedy exploit persons who want to exploit me , live circumstance uncover their ugly faces , but that's shock me too much specially my intimate friend who know all my secrets , suddenly he inverted emotionally toward me , I faced and confront him many times several time , her trying to escape easch time , until last escaping forever , first time to face that it tooooooooooooo shocky and painy

How do you relate to others?

in the past I was too extrovert and love people all kinds and races also all social level , but last years I avoid to approach to people , feeling disgusted toward them , believing that 10 % of them is true other is fake and evils

The good news is, we can,  and we can be what we want to be.

oh dear this is much doubt about this statement , lot of people don't make effort to reach her goal other swallow the dust without any positive results , not only that but also , what you want to be is it symbol , specific character , social status , or what , if you ask lot of people what do you want to be , you ll find several answers from one person , me too all I know after knowledge and experience that I have lot of talents and I realize them  and lot of messages I realize them also  and critic toward the world , I want to use these talents to deliver those messages , but how ???????? , I don't know that's for instance

please advise and comment , because in your first answer you replied me generally without surfing my problem deeply


ANSWER: I'm not clear what your question is.  You talk about many different things.  I ask those questions to help isolate what may be concerning you most.  I think you have more issues than I can deal with here. I think you could best be served by a professional counselor or a life coach.  If you have trouble finding one, ask your family doctor.
    You need to be specific about your question.  


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QUESTION: sorry dear for distracting you too much for lot if issue , to be specified here are

I m always hears this statement    " we can,  and we can be what we want to be "

but in real I didn't find this practically , lot of people exert lot of efforts to do what they want and fail , someone with luck or chance can jump lot of steps

toward my personal experience , I thought that I m specific person , owe something distinct rather than other not better that other , want this uniquely talents or personality to be expressed to the world enclosed improvement message , I dreamed to be someone who don't leave universe without leaving his finger print , I really seek  to reach this point , eight years after graduation till this moment , I didn't  reach what I was expected  , but inversely I reach the worst ,  I thought that I have huge creative energies have to be exploded , but now , according to society view I m just a failure , pitiful , limited of value and ability , family,friends,relative blaming me that I waste my live in shit , also my closest friend who learned from me many things and I had taught him many things , suddenly one time when I was advising him told me advise yourself firstly that's shocked me , also my elder brother do that , when I m advising him for something related to his career development , he said advise yourself first , all this situation shocking me , no I m got lost , distracted between talents , knowledge , experience without reaching any specific live position , my self esteem start to diminish , also my motivation , specially that there is some people I wax excelled them regarding culture and self development  , now they have a social position better than me at least in front of society

I seek after lot of things , I wanted to be lot of things , worked in that fo several years , but unfortunately , I didnt reach anything , the result is zero from my point of view

Life is a matter of choice. It is very much what we make it. It is in our hands.  To be sure, there will be conflicts, but we can--and need to--get through them.  There are times we have to step back, look at what went wrong, and go on again.  If you look at life in a spiritual view, we are created by God.  God looked upon His creation (us) and said that it was "very good."  Think of the power and potential of the universe.  It not only sustains things, but it is always unfolding.  It  is an immense potential.  Because God's Spirit is in us, that potential is also in us.  This potential is to be and become.  The Bible says that if we are in Christ--if the Spirit of God is in us--we are a "new creation, old things are passed away."  In spite of our failings, God is faithful to forgive.  Do you know what "forgive" means? It is a term taken from financial accounting to "write the debt off the books."  Whatever our failings, we must learn to let go.  I know this, personally, because I've had to "forgive", or let go, of past bitterness.  Psalm 23 says, "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." God has created us with great love.  In that love, we are secure because we can always depend on it.  God has given us the ability to do great things.  The Bible says, "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength."  Where does strength come from?  From society? No. Our efforts? No.  Our strength comes from allowing God to work in and through us.  His Spirit is in you. Discover its possibilities.  Nobody is "zero" in God's eyes.  The Bible says that we are "wonderfully made."  And that means you.  Don't look at your "point of view."  Look at God's.  What does God say about you?  What does God envision your life to be?  Your self-esteem is unshakeable in God. Do you believe this?  Can you trust God's Plan for your life? God is not an idea or concept from church, God is a living reality, whose Spirit, whose life, indwells you.  In spite of past failings, you are loved.  Seek God.  "Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall we added unto you."  Joel

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