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I have 5 cuts of peaceful music that I made the mistake of not putting down the title, artist name, or the album title. Is there any chance you might be able to I.D. it if I sent the music somehow?

sure, if you can find a way to share them with me. Maybe dropbox and other similar programs, and then send my the link.
the other thing you can do if you have a smartphone is download the apps Soundhound AND SHAZAM and play each song and allow either of those apps identify the songs and artists. Download both because sometimes one identifies  a song where the other one won't.
That's probably what I would end up doing it I don't recognize them right off.
Let me know how that works.

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I've been a long time collector. I started a community radio station and started a new age radio show on the station, KXCI, in Tucson, AZ.
I currently have a new age/ambient/world show on that station called BRAINWAVES, which airs Mon-Tues, 6-7 AM MST.

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