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Hi Roger,

I understand that not so long ago you hosted an ongoing new age show at a community radio station in Tucson, AZ.  (Read about this on some new age blog.)  Not only am I a big community radio guy, but I've listened to new age music in some form or another since I was 16 yrs old and came across Ray Lynch's 'Deep Breakfast'.  

At any rate, I was saddened to see that you no longer have a show on KXCI, so I'm wondering if you perhaps have a podcast that you do?  If not, have you a recommendation for a new age show that one should be listening to?

In advance, thanks for your time and consideration.


Thanks for your thoughts. I did the show on and off since we went on the air in 1983. Then it went away when management thought the music irrelevant. I now am enjoying my collection listening while working, driving and in quiet times at home.
I've thought about doing some sort of podcast, like doing playlists on spotify, but haven't made the leap, because so many other people are doing a great job:
I would, if I were you (which I also do occasionally) go to some streaming radio like Spotify, iheartradio or tunein, and search for new age, ambient, illbient, or somaFM for the music that we like. (I don't know what is on itune or apple-radio, but I'm sure similar things can be found.
Also, besides apps like the ones I mentioned above, there is soundcloud, also search "music streaming sites like soundcloud" and you will find many such sites. Even when you search YouTube for similar terms like the above you will be able discover lots of great music, that will play complete albums or songs from similar artists
good luck, there is a plethora of music available for new age fans.
BTW "celestial soda pop" is one of my top ten songs in the new age category!

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I can answer questions on new age, ambient, world, and some sacred or classical music.


I've been a long time collector. I started a community radio station and started a new age radio show on the station, KXCI, in Tucson, AZ.
I currently have a new age/ambient/world show on that station called BRAINWAVES, which airs Mon-Tues, 6-7 AM MST.

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