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New Age Music/Please help me to find out the name of the song/album/band



I would like to ask your help in recognizing a piece of music of this style that i have recorded from the radio i tried everywhere  no one could help me
here is the link:
I'll really appreciate your help
Thanks in advance
keep on the wonderful job that you are doing here
Best wishes

Very hard one. I did not recognize it, and I also tried to soundhound it, Shazam it Google sound it, and none of them recognized it.
Sorry. I do like the song though, as all the cool elements of new age, rhythm, soft jazzy horns and female voice.
thanks for the song, sorry I couldn't help

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I can answer questions on new age, ambient, world, and some sacred or classical music.


I've been a long time collector. I started a community radio station and started a new age radio show on the station, KXCI, in Tucson, AZ.
I currently have a new age/ambient/world show on that station called BRAINWAVES, which airs Mon-Tues, 6-7 AM MST.

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