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A Major Network is now casting a brand new prime time show, seeking NYC experts who really know it all!

Do you know all the sights?
Do you know all the burroughs and districts?
Do you know all the entertainment?
Do you know all the history?

Were seeking everyday Joes whose obsession with a subject has turned them into a bonafide expert. This innovative new game show aims to put your genius to the test and prove, once and for all, that you truly know everything there is about the subject that has become your personal obsession.

If you or someone you know is an encyclopedia of knowledge and would be interested in appearing on a new prime time game show, please send your contact info, a current photo, and a brief personal description and an explanation regarding why you were drawn to this subject. Referrals also welcome!


Hi Sara,

No, I do not know all of the above, but I know quite a bit.  I suggest you go to

That is the website for the Guides Association of New York.  Really, really smart folks.  You can post something on the website.

My website is

Best email for me is  and my phone is 212-229-0202.

Tom Bernardin

New York

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Tom Bernardin


Have knowledge of the old immigration facility. I was a tour guide there and am the author of The Ellis Island Island Immigrant Cookbook. Also, to some extent, The Statue of Liberty.

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