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New York/GWB vs TappenZee around 2am


I'm driving from Springfield, Mass to Lorton, VA to pick up the autotrain to Orlando.
I'm thinking of leaving Springfield mid-week around 11:00pm which would put me at the GWB or TZ around 2:00am. My AAA office recommends TZ even in the middle of the night. They say the route to GWB can be confusing and risks a higher possibility of delays due to accidents.
I've used the TZ everytime but once when a friend was driving and took the GWB.
Given the ~ 2:00am timeframe, which route would you suggest and what contingencies to prepare for?

ANSWER: Most of the time I would definitely suggest taking the longer route over the TZB but at 2am going the GWB route should be okay.  (It's actually not the GWB that is a problem, but the Cross Bronx Expressway which leads up to ... the highway is in bad shape and often jammed.)  Have enough gas to get you at least to NJ.

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QUESTION: Thanks Marc!
I'm thinking I prefer the GWB because it keeps me off the Garden State Pkwy. My return trip last spring was torture on the Parkway.

Is there a way to find out whether and how well traffic is moving on the CBE, something like a website, radio station or status phone number? We could make a decision an hour or so before hitting the area if there's a good source of current driving conditions.


The following radio stations have traffic every 10 minutes and cover the tri-state region:
880 AM (on the 8s)
1010 AM (on the 1s)

For southern & central NJ, listen to 101.5 FM (traffic every 15 minutes).

You can also call 511 for traffic info.  

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