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harmonicat wrote at 2006-11-07 20:45:22
Harmony was forcibly closed in 1998 and is not now and never was a nightclub.

It is now (as of Nov 06) an arts performance space.

Salsa wrote at 2008-08-03 21:26:07
Well, to anwser the question, of where did all the Harmony girls go?...some of us had to find real jobs that suck, lol! To think that Mr. Guiliani was having an extramarital affair makes my blood boil! He should just have cleaned up his own mess!

Love, Salsa.

alexis (stage name there) wrote at 2009-12-16 02:53:09
i worked at the harmony 96-98 then left NYC to marry and make babies. i have great memories of that place and made a LOT of money is 22nd street closed too? What a life!

MYLO wrote at 2010-02-21 03:11:36


Pierre Leplanc wrote at 2010-08-06 02:07:39
Yes, I think the Harmony was a special place. Everyone was so well-behaved, both employees and patrons.  Btw,  there is a Facebook group, "Fans of Harmony Burlesque".  Might be fun to join. Hoping all going well for everyone.

April wrote at 2011-09-14 18:35:08
I was named April at the 22nd st Harmony from 1994-1998. Occasionally, I worked on Church St too.  I went on to dance for 7 more years in clubs in New York and Toronto. But no club compares to the Harmony. I moved back to Canada and I teach fitness and write freelance now. I have the craziest and funniest memories of my Harmony days. Girls I remember fondly: Selena, Tate, Lorraine, Coffee, Apples, Creamy, Frosty, Zaire, Precious,Fountain, Betty, Nicole, Billy the DJ (Church st), and so many more whose names I can't remember! I'm in the process of writing a memoir of my Harmony days.

IClarify wrote at 2011-11-26 19:02:33
Harmony was da bomb!  I met a really nice Black LADY there named Diamond.  We really had some great conversations, then mob perv Rudy came along and ruined everyone's good time.  

Darren wrote at 2012-02-11 04:22:32

Is there a way to get on your book list when finish your memoir? :-)

I knew a Selena and a Ziarie. What are the chance you are referring to the same ladies?

The Selena I knew was a slim girl from Puerto Rico and first used the name Tiffany before she left and came back with Selena because some other girl had taken her name. (I last saw her strung out in the Bronx in Hunts Point). :-(

Ziarie(Kimberly) was a tall slim black girl who have have in a couple of videos. She first worked at Peepland on 42nd and also used the name Contessa. I last saw her when I ran into her some years later on 146th street and Amsterdam avenue. She asked me where she knew me from. I didn't remember until later after she was gone. :-( (But I have pics of her).

From the Church street Harmony The first girl I got a lap dance from was Roxanne. She was Italian/Spanish with long black hair.

There was a "crazy" white girl named Judy that I'd seen in various locations(as well as on the street). She use to also worked at Club 90(Studio 90) when it was at the 29th street location, west of 7th avenue.

There was also a slim big natural breasted black girl named Sativa(or Savida, depending on who was pronouncing the name). I'd seen her picture on some of the boxes of those big breast videos. (Her pics can still be found on the internet).

Another slim girl with big natural breasts who I also saw on one of those "Big Top" video boxes was Angel. She was a light skin Asian/Black(?) girl with Dredlocks. Like me, she live on Staten Island and she worked at Peepland and 7-11 in Times Square, as well as both Harmony clubs. Unfortunately she overdosed. :-( (I have a pic of her).

Next, there was a perfect bodied black girl named May who worked at both Harmony clubs and also at Studio 90 at it's 6th Avenue incarnation. I heard that she had gotten into a bad car accident and I never saw her again. :-( (I have a pic of her though).

But before that, one day while sitting on my lap at the 22nd street Harmony, May mentioned that a lady who was a regular at the Church street Harmony had a big crush on me, and that she hadn't told me previously because she knew that I was into toned and slim girls and this one didn't really fall into that category. She said that this lady's name was Suzy Nero, and that she was an ex-porn star. A few years ago I looked up "Suzy Nero" on the internet, and I now regret that I didn't get a chance to know her. Also, some years later while working the graveyard shift doing security at a bank ATM on 23rd and 1st Avenue she came in to do a transaction. I knew she looked familiar at the time but didn't realize who she was until after she had left. When she came in a couple of weeks after that, I couldn't work up the courage to say something to her. :-( (She did look great though).

Now there was a girl named "Estee". She was a spanish girl that looked a lot like Selina(Tiffany), only taller.

Then there was the beautiful Desiree. A rocker chick who had some elegant, though unfinished gothic tatoos.

And tall slim Dolores who disappeared before I had a chance to get to know her. :-(

Another gorgeous spanish girl who I also first knew from Peepland before she had a baby. She had long straight hair and her name was Strawberry. She had the most beautiful angelic voice and I loved to just listen to her talk. I last heard she was working at a flower shop.

I had stopped going the the Harmony clubs regularly the last time the entry fee was jacked up. It had become difficult finding the girls I liked and the newer ones, though nice, just didn't do it for me, so I went back to Times Square where I knew more ladies.

Anyway, if anyone is still in contact or has info on any of the ladies I mentioned(or didn't) I'd appreciate any scraps you could give me. :-)


Melody wrote at 2015-12-11 00:09:23

I'd love to hear more stories of Peepland my dad was one of the owners in the 80's.  

May wrote at 2016-12-19 05:09:35
I'm May and yes I had great times working in Harmony Theatre before Mayor Giuliani closed it down, did okay after the car accident. Now living in Florida.

May wrote at 2016-12-19 05:09:45
I'm May and yes I had great times working in Harmony Theatre before Mayor Giuliani closed it down, did okay after the car accident. Now living in Florida.

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