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Hi Jill,

My husband and I are traveling to NYC mid December.  I have booked a few reservations so far:  the architectural boat tour, dinner at Butter, Public and Barbuto.  We are staying at Soho Grand.  Specifically I am looking for something fun to do Saturday morning.  Lunch reservation 1:30.  And then after we eat at Butter (8:30 reservation) Saturday night.  

Last year we went to the Tenement Museum which was interesting as well at walked through Chinatown, shopped in Soho and did Ellis Island tour.  Oh and saw a show (can't remember the name).  Gives you a feel for what we like to do....


Hi Megan:

Sounds like you have some fantastic restaurants booked and the Soho Grand is fabulous--as you know.  Here are some ideas for Saturday morning:

1) How about visiting the Christmas Windows at all the department stores?  You can do so on your own or you can take a tour.  If you're interested in the tour, I'll give you the name.
Click here for the names/locations of many of the displays:

2) Visit a museum.  You'll find a comprehensive listing here:

3) Visit Bodies:  The Exhibition.  I found it to be fasctinating and it's not too far from your hotel. Here's some information

4) Visit the Ground Zero Museum Workshop.  Again, not far from  your hotel.
You'll find information here:

5) Visit the Ground Zero Memorial:  You Must book in advance.  Information here:

6) With all that eating(LOL!) you might enjoy a walking tour.  There are countless great ones. Find information here:

7) Visit the Central Park Zoo:

See if any of these suggestion appeal to you.  If so, great. If not, let me know and I'll give you some others!

Have Fun

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