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Hi, I'm from the Caribbean and have never experienced any cold weather below 70 in my life. I plan in traveling to NY in about 2 weeks with my boyfriend. Any advice on how to dress in order to make the cold weather manageable for a first timer? Also, what type of coat, shoes, hat etc would you recommend? Anything that would help me out would be really appricated! Thanks in advance.

Having a wool coat, hat, scarf and gloves will help. Also, think about layering your clothes. Consider buying thermal underwear even if you only wear the top. I really like to wear warm knee socks with pants, then layer my upper body with a thin tee whirt, then a long sleeve top, and perhaps a sweater over that. The layering method traps your body heat. Then I wear a coat,gloves, scarf...etc etc. Hope this reaches you in time. Enjoy!

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I travel to Manhattan frequently and can offer a unique perspective because I am a tourist.I have so much curiosity about Manhattan and that has led me to gather lots of great information about the city. I consider myself a hotel buff of sorts, and touring them and analyzing their attributes has become a hobby for me. I can give some good advice on restaurants, shopping, and in general just how to maximize those "new york moments" we all want to experience. Whether it is something as small as how to hail a cab, where to enjoy a cocktail and a romantic stroll, or how to dress so you don`t stand out as a tourist, go ahead and ask.


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