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QUESTION: This is a follow-up question to a question you said you wanted more info on:

I'm a writer and a paranormal historian. I keep lists of haunted locations by city in a personal database which I occaisionally share with other paranormal researchers. In listing locations for New York City, I have locations like the Conference House which by pre-Civil War standards is listed in Tottenville, New York, but by today's standards is placed in Staten Island (borough not city). I've got other locations like an unnamed candy store on 32nd Street in the Bronx (except NYC maps do not place 32nd Street running into the Bronx, it runs into Queens). My question is this: are there cities in the boroughs or are they all in New York City proper, because up to now, I've listed everything in New York City as Manhattan and identified everything off Manhattan by their pre-Civil War cities. Is Staten Island considered both a city and a borough? What is the best way to identify the locations of places scattered through the boroughs?

ANSWER: Thank you for clarifying your need and use of this information.  How interesting!  I hope that I answered your questions about the difference between boroughs and New York City in my previous response.  Yes, Tottenville is in the borough of Staten Island in the city of New York.  My guess on the unnamed Candy Store is that it is in Queens not the Bronx.  To recount, do not list everything as Manhattan.  I would break all listing into boroughs.  New York City is broken into 5 boroughs:  Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten island.  The best way to break down your destinations would be to use an online map.  Or, if you are familiar with the place, you can call them and ask them in which borough they are located.

Don't hesitate to write back if you need clarification.

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QUESTION: One part of my question I still need resolving regarding the Pre-Civil War historical city of Tottenville and all the others (Grymes Hill, Richmond, Rossville....) on Staten Island. If Staten Island is now a borough (as well as the County of Richmond), are these towns no longer considered as towns but suburbs/neighborhoods of New York City? When Staten Island was assimilated into New York City in 1898, did these towns lose their independant local city governments?

Unfortunately, I am not an historian.  I would suggest contacting the:

Regarding Staten Island in particular:

Regarding New York City:

And lastly, I'd recommend doing research through the New York Public library at  There is a myriad of resources available.

Good luck!

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