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New York City for Visitors/Radio City Music Hall evening show


What to wear to the pm performance?  Thanking you in advance, Connie L.

Honestly, you will see everyone wearing everything! I like to do something simple and black for evening performances in the city.....thats classic NYC! Don't forget a warm coat, scarf and gloves....and most of all be comfortable. You see women in flats in the city...its pretty hard to run all those city blocks with high heels on.
Have fun!

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I travel to Manhattan frequently and can offer a unique perspective because I am a tourist.I have so much curiosity about Manhattan and that has led me to gather lots of great information about the city. I consider myself a hotel buff of sorts, and touring them and analyzing their attributes has become a hobby for me. I can give some good advice on restaurants, shopping, and in general just how to maximize those "new york moments" we all want to experience. Whether it is something as small as how to hail a cab, where to enjoy a cocktail and a romantic stroll, or how to dress so you don`t stand out as a tourist, go ahead and ask.


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