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QUESTION: Hello Jill,

I'm hoping you could give me some "on a budget" options for taking my wife to see the Westminster Dog Show February 10-11.  I've just started looking online and would like your input on some things that we must do while we're there.  It would most likely be a short trip (most likely coming in the day before and leaving the day after, so would not be able to do much sight seeing, but maybe you could recommend some options for right around the area.  We'd need a hotel close by as we'd be flying in from Milwaukee, WI, and would like to try some good food while we're there.  Is there any travel agents you could recommend that would be good at setting up something for me?  I'm not sure if having a local travel agent set this up would be good or not, unless they've been to New York several times and are familiar with the area of the dog show.  I'm certainly on a budget, but I don't want a dump for a hotel or anything.  If I could squeeze in an extra day before the event, could you also recommend an attraction or two that are reasonable and close by.  Basically any thoughts you have on making sure we have a great time while we're there.  The dog show will take up all day and night, as I'd be getting the "go anywhere" tickets for my wife and I and both days are all day and the show both nights.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to make my wife's 40th birthday a weekend to remember always.

ANSWER: Hi Brad and thanks for writing,

I'll be happy to help you.  A 40th birthday is a big one and it's important to make I special.

Before I make some recommendations, I'd welcome some additional information on you both:

1) Have you every been to NYC before?
2) What can you reasonably spend per night for a hotel
3) If you have been to NYC before, what did you see?
4)I see that the Dog show is Feb 10 - 11. It's not clear, will you be at the dog show all day on the 10 and 11th?   What day are you flying in, and what day/time are you flying out?
5) What kind of food do you like?  Once I receive more information on you, I'd probably go with a really fancy restaurant and/or a Broadway show.  Do you like musicals?  Serious plays?  What is the most that you'd consider spending on a fancy dinner per person?

Look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hey Jill.  Neither of us have ever been to New York before.  I'm thinking about $175/night would be max for a hotel.  There are events at the dog show all day  and night for both the 10th and 11th, would plan on flying out on the 12th.  I'd like to see some sights close to the area and a nice dinner as well as a place for great pizza.  I live in a small town that has the best pizza, but if your not from the area, you'd never know about it as it is not on the main drag like Dominoes and Pizza Hut.  Since we're not renting a car as our main attraction would be the events circling the dog show, we'd need things close by.  I understand Times Square is close by.  A nice casual dining option for Saturday night with a budget of about $100/person.  Always dreamed of seeing a broadway show, but think we'll have to pass on that this time.  Saw a performance called "lord of the dance" a number of years back.  If your familiar with them, something along those lines is our kind of show.  Most likely would be flying in on the 8th of Feb and leaving on the 12th.  Thanks again for your help Jill.

Given that the Dog Show takes place at 12th Avenue and 55th Street (West Side of Manhattan), I found a few hotels on the West Side.  These hotels are in the 40s and 50s so that means youíd have to walk a few block to get to the dog show.

Here are a few affordable hotels from which to choose.  Keep in mind that hotel rooms in NYC are small as a general rule, so donít be surprised when you arrive.

414 Hotel
414 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

Room Mate Grace Hotel
125 West 45th Street

The Hotel @ Times Square
59 West 46th Street

Holiday Inn Midtown
440 West 57th Street

The Washington Jefferson Hotel
318 West 51st Street

Check out my other recommendations here:

As far as what to do, here are some suggestions:

Saturday, Feb 8:  

Morning: Arrival and check in

Afternoon:  Take a bus tour of Manhattan.  With so little time, this is a great way to get an overview of the city.  You can find good, discounted selections here:  Walking tours are great too but it might be a little chilly for that.

Evening:  Birthday Dinner.  Since itís a big birthday, here are some special restaurants with prix fix meals.  This means you pay one price and get three courses.
21 Club,, $42 per person until 6:30

Aureole, an amazing resutanrt,; enjoy a pre-theater dinner for just $55 per person. Make reservations soon!!!!!!!

Ruthís Chris, a famous and fabulous steak house has a prixe fix meal for about $49 including 3 courses.  Youíll have to call for the exact price.  A friend of mine just went and said it was fabulous.  We are going in December.

There are just TOO many fantastic restaurants to mention.  See if these appeal to you.  If you want some other suggestions, just write back to me.  Here are some other options:  Some of the prices might be a tad out-of=date now, but youíll get the idea.

Sunday, Feb 9

Morning:  Visit the Empire State Building.  Find visitor information here:

Afternoon: Lunch at Grimaldiís Pizza (Most of the best NYC Pizza places are in Brooklyn.  Grimaldiís does too, but they have an outpost in Manhattan.) See this link for more details:

Evening:  Take in a show. From what youíve told me, you might enjoy: Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia,
The Phantom of the Opera.  Go to and type in the names of the shows. You can view some musical numbers and see if it might appeal to you.

You can either purchase tickets directly from Ticketmaster or check out this link for ideas on discounts:

Feb 10 dog show all day and night
Feb 11:  dog show all day and night
Feb 12:  Fly home

I hope that helps!  Feel free to write back.  I hope that you have a fantastic trip!

A small favor?  Iím trying to get the word out about my website:  May I ask that you share it with your friends?  Iíd be most grateful.

Please let me know how your trip goes.  Iíd really like to hear about it.


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