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My wife and I are visiting New York in September. I have a subway map but to determine routes I wanted to know the nearest subway stations to the following :-

1 Ground Zero
2 Brooklyn Bridge
3 Broadway
4.Rockefeller Center
5 Empire State Building



ANSWER: I will be delighted to provide you with this information.  Can you tell me what subway line(s) you are near? Inotherwords, what trains will you have access to at your hotel?

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QUESTION: Our nearest Station is Queensboro Plaza, so if you could give us directions from Grand Central (which we can get the 7 train to), that would be fantastic.
Hopefully we plan to do all the sites in one day, starting with Ground Zero first thing in the morning, so a suitable "route" would help tremendously.



Sorry for the short delay.  I had actually answered your questions but somehow lost power for quick second and all was lost!  Oh well...

Here are the subway stops for your attractions:

Ground Zero
# 7 Train to Grand Central Station. Change for the 4 or 5 train and take it to Fulton Street. Exit onto Fulton St. and walk west to Church Street. Walk south and turn right on Thames Street.  Tip:  The Ground Zero Memorial/Museum is free but you must make a reservation.  You can find information here:

Brooklyn Bridge
#7 Train to Grand Central. Change for #6 downtown train.  Get off at Brooklyn Bridge Stop.

#7 Train to Times Square/42 Street Stop. Continue walking north and you will be taking in the  Broadway area.  If you'd like to take in a show, and I recommend it highly, you can find discount theater ticket information here:

Rockefeller Center
#7 Train to 42 Street/Bryant Park.  Change for the uptown F to 47-50th Streets/Rockefeller Center Station.  It's only 1 stop.

Empire State Buildling
#7 to Times Square/42 Street Station. Take the 1 or 2 downtown to 34th Street/Penn Station Stop. Tip: If you are planning on going up the Empire State Building, I'd suggest buying a quick pass given that you have such a short amount of time. Lines can be very long.  You'll find information here:

I would be glad to help you with a route but please tell me how you are planning to visit these attractions.  Inotherwords, are you planning to go up to the Empire State building?  What are you plans.  I do think this is too much for one day.  You'll be exhausted and not really get much out of any one of your stops.

Hope this helps!

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