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What is the current bed bug situation in NYC? Did it improve or get worse?

It is 'said' that it has improved markedly.  However, my advice is to check the Bed Bug Registry at www. to see if your hotel has had bed bugs.  But, keep in mind that even the very top hotels...anywhere....can get them. It is not a cleanliness issue.  It's a issue of someone bringing them to the hotel, most likely without their knowledge.  If you find out your hotel has not had a report of them, I STRONGLY suggest the following at your New York City hotel and at ANY hotel anywhere:

1)  When you enter your room, put your luggage in the bathtub.
2)  With a flashlight, inspect your mattress and upholstered chairs or couches.  You must pull back the sheets and the mattress pad and inspect underneath the mattress under the lip--where the stitching is.  See this video:
3)  Bed bugs come out at night and bite.  However, some people don't react to them physically, others get itchy welts.
4)  If all looks good, place you luggage on a luggage holder--not near the walls.  
Do not put your cloths in the dresser.
5)  If you ask the bellman to hold your luggage for a while, put your bags in garbage bags and tie.  I do the same thing when I put my luggage in a van with other people's luggage.

This may all seem terribly neurotic, but if you've ever taken bed bugs home with you, you'll know that it is an extremely costly, extensive, and upsetting problem.

Hope this helps.  It's just the price of travel anywhere now.

All the best


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