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G'morning J. My uncle and I are planning to visit NYC this summer and during our visit, would like to take a daytrip to Cooperstown. Would you be able to tell me what options there are for getting to/from there without having to rent a car? It doesn't look like it's going to be very easy to do.  Thank you for your help, Jeff

You can take a bus from the port authority
bus terminal on 42nd street in NYC to
Cooperstown via Pine Hills  or Adrionack

You can also take a train to a Utica,
which is 40 miles away from Cooperstown:
the maple leaf from Penn Station in NYC.
But then u would need to take a taxi or
Rent a car. Also the amtrack empire service
goes to Utica.

You might do some googling and research
To double check this info as things can

Have fun!

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