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My wife and daighter are taking a spur of the moment trip to New York in Late September. They have coinciding breaks from work, and we have a little spending money, so this was the time to cross it off their bucket lists!
I know its a lot to ask, but apart from flights from Saskatoon Canada, can you give me some options about what to do/NOT do, where to stay, get around, yadda yadda-like Jerry would say. Thanks, hope you and yours are well and having a great summer!


Happy to help.  Before I give you some options, please give me some background on your wife and daughter.  Ages, likes/dislikes, have they been to NYC before, what would they like to see /do, any special place they must visit?  How much do you have for a hotel room and the like.  Any special mother/daughter things that they'd like to do?  Spa?

Late September is a lovely time to visit.  The crowds and subsided and the weather is usually lovely.



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QUESTION: My wife is 60. She has been to NY once before, first time for daughter who is 21. They went ahead and got a room at the Best Western downtown-I think she had a coupon or something. I think they would like to see things that are subway rides from there, definately Broadway, Central Park, dont think spa. Thanks for your help!

Hi Bud:

So for Broadway, check out this page.  It gives you loads of options and ideas for buying tickets to Broadway shows ... cheaper.

For Sightseeing:

You should consider buying one of these passes.  There are a lot of options and it gives you value for you money.

Central Park:
You can simply take a morning or afternoon and walk through the park.  Consider a walking tour or just leisurely take your time. If you purchase one of the passes, many of the tours are included in the fee.

I would strongly suggest taking a bus tour of the city upon arrival.  It gives you a feeling about the city and will acclimate you.  In addition, the hop on hop off buses are a really easy way to get around the city if your wife and daughter aren't comfortable walking around themselves.  These buses stop only at the top sights and pick you up there as well.  There is no guess work.

Hope that helps!

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