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I travel to the city at least once a month for business. Soon to be living in the area but I'm traveling back and forth for now. But I'm asking this as an outsider.

At the NYC area airports (EWR included) is it better to catch a yellow taxi to my hotel or one of these "car services" who are always looking for riders? I feel like I get duped every time. Would it be more expensive or less expensive for me? By my mind it shouldn't cost me close to $100 to go like 8 miles (through a toll bridge to be sure, but still.)

Advise to keep me from getting ripped off and feeling like a yokel from Alabama who has no business going to NYC?

Regarding taxis, I'd stick with the yellow ones simply for safety.  The others cannot be guaranteed as they are 'gypsy' cabs.

There are other options besides taxis though if you'd like to save money.  There are buses, cab sharing and the like.  See this page, select the airport you are going into and see options.

Hope that helps.

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