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Anton wrote at 2007-09-27 04:40:11
This song is about sexuality. The fact that the male mind has two thought processes. It to me is about sex, the male organs, depurifying something held sacred. Being male, I know that you can think with two minds sometimes. the rational one. the sexual one. you can convince yourself to do what you know is right, then you can do what your genitals know is right. in the sexual mindset, you only want one goal and will stop at nothing to achieve it. it will take you as far as ruining something held dear.(girlfriend, wife,etc.). its an inner battle between sex and rationality.only until you achieve your goal sexually will you begin to rationally think. then you see what you have done and it is ruined beyond repair.

battered and scarred wrote at 2014-07-14 07:53:28
It's about abuse.

the abuser and the victim

The victim is finally speaking out but the abuser hurt them too much.

It's all about abuse.  

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