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Hi, how are you! I was wondering why the punch technique in bujinkan budo taijutsu was called fudoken or immovable fist. What does "immovable fist" exactly means? I'll be glad if you could reply back to me. thank you and have a nice day.

The name "fudo" seems to have been influenced by Fudou Myoo the patron deity of martial artists. He is knows for transforming anger into salvation, subduing and binding demons.

The fudo ken (immovable fist) represents one method of forming a fist in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Significant because it is a clenched fist formed with the thumb on top (not at the side as in boxing or karate). The knuckles at the base of the hand are lined up with the wrist which in turn is lined up with elbow and shoulder. This structure in conjunction with body dynamics creates a properly aligned strike.

It is significant to note that in Japanese literature fudo represents not physical immovability, but mental. A mind that is not locked or dwelling on a single thought but aware.

Thank you for your question.

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