I am a Bujinkan Ninjutsu student with no way to learn at a dojo and as result have to train with knowledge and techniques from books and videos of other practitioners and Soke. How would you suggest I train to get the most benefit for in case I have to use my Ninjutsu to defend myself if I ever have too. I also have nobody to train with and no access to any equipment. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Kyle,

Thank you for your question.

In my opinion, training alone (solo) allows you to learn and develop important movements but lacks training in areas the Bujinkan considers critical to protecting yourself: angling, timing and spacial relations. For instance, if you are solo practicing your punches you will be able to develop fist structure and body alignment but not the timing of the strike or the distancing.

Training alone can be great a supplement to club or dojo practice. As a matter of fact, in our dojo we regularly point out lessons that can (and should) be practiced on days away from class. Work on the basics: taiso, taihenjutsu, kamae, sanshin no kata, hiken juroppo, etc.

Joe Maurantonio
Bujinkan New York Dojo  


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